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AWS Solutions Architect Associate - November 27 is a Course

AWS Solutions Architect Associate - November 27

Nov 27, 2023 - Jan 19, 2024

$2,000 Enroll

Full course description

Course Overview

This 8-week, asynchronous course is geared toward professionals who have one or more years of hands-on experience designing distributed systems on AWS.

Mastering cloud architecture design requires a strong foundation in IT concepts. In preparation for the AWS Certification exam, students learn the fundamentals of building IT infrastructure on AWS through a guided, instructor-led approach. Learn how to optimize the use of the AWS cloud by understanding how AWS services fit into cloud-based business solutions.

Delivered through interactive classes, students get:

  • Hands-on experience with practice-server access to the AWS platform: Online labs, activities, and projects.
  • eLearning portal access with interactive content: Labs, video, and practice exams.
  • Online knowledge assessments.
  • Challenging scenario-based exercises that reinforce curriculum topics.

Expectations Upon Completion 

You will be prepared to sit for the AWS Solutions Architect Associate Certification exam. You will be able to perform tasks not limited to these:

  • Architect and deploy secure and robust AWS applications.
  • Define solutions using architectural design principles based on customer requirements.
  • Provide best-practice implementation guidelines.
  • Identify the value and benefits of cloud and AWS.
  • Understand data protection and methodology.
  • Explain the financial advantages of the AWS cloud.
  • Navigate the AWS Management Console.
  • Understand AWS compute, networking, storage, and database options.
  • Create cloud migration roadmaps and business continuity plans.
  • Use AWS to make infrastructures scalable.
  • Automate the deployment of cloud resources.
  • Design architectures to decouple infrastructure and reduce interdependencies.
  • Optimize data storage for static content.
  • Identify and solve common configuration and design issues.
  • Differentiate between architectures for data processing and analytics, mobile backends, and video transcoding.

General IT Prerequisite Knowledge and Experience

Before taking this course, you should have:

  • An understanding of IT technical and business knowledge, and general concepts for networks, cloud computing, and distributed systems.
  • Familiarity with computer hardware, operating systems and basic scripting and programming knowledge. 

AWS Prerequisite Knowledge and Experience

While not required, students most successful in this course have: 

  • A basic understanding of global infrastructure and architecture.
  • Familiarity with common AWS services and how and when they are used.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How will these courses best prepare me to pass AWS Certification Exams?

Our courses are priced competitively and packed with information to ensure you pass your exam. They’re online and led by industry instructors who are certified, advanced tech trainers. Curriculum is tailored to industry skills and embedded into each course. Courses also include the fee of your first exam (value of $150).

What is asynchronous learning?

Our courses are asynchronous which means the instructor led classes provide you with the flexibility to learn when and where it’s most convenient. Leading instructors build the course, teach in real-time, and are available for discussions and assistance. Weekly milestones guide the course, yet students can move through the lessons at their own pace, allowing for a flexible, instructor-led learning path within the set timeframe of the course.

Can I earn more money with AWS certifications?

Yes. It looks great on a resume and can significantly boost the rate you command. According to an independent salary survey, 70% of AWS professionals interviewed reported a salary increase of up to 20% after passing certification. Another survey noted that without certification, earnings potential can be up to $20K less annually.

Can you build a career with AWS certifications?

Absolutely! Whether you’re a developer, system administrator, application architect, database administrator, data analyst, or sales and marketing professional, certifications open the door to hiring managers and increase your potential and worth. They also show your commitment to understanding the value of standardization and AWS.

Do I get the AWS certification upon completion of each course?

Upon completion of the class, you will be ready to register and take the AWS certification exam. As part of the course fee, the first exam will be paid for. Upon passing the exam, you will receive the official certification from AWS.


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